Final Plantings Of The Season


The last plantings of 2014!! Putting the final garlic and shallot bulbs in the ground and then tucking them in for the winter with a nice blanket of straw mulch. A few thousand lbs of compost was added to this patch and worked into the soil a couple weeks before in preparation. Timed applications of seaweed emulsion, fish emulsion, choice biologicals and other goodies will ensure a healthy bounty of palm sized garlicky goodies once again next summer.



The Planting Never Ends !!!

20141106_110252 (1)


As the harvest season comes to a gentle close, and the fields are finally laid to rest… the planting continues. Today on this rainy day i am pulling out my seed garlic and separating the cloves in preparation for planting. If the ground dries up I will be planting and mulching in my garlic on Monday. And no … your eyes are not deceiving you.. these heads of garlic are palm size or larger… many cloves are bigger than my thumb!!

Hot Peppers & Certified Organic Mushrooms

A friendly reminder, my fresh Blue Oyster, Yellow Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms are certified Organic!20140906_065221

Oh… and Hot Peppers are in full swing… come get some serious heat while they last. My varieties include: Scotch Bonnet, Chocolate Habanero, Golden Habanero, Caribbean Red, and “Angry Old Man” which is a select SUPER HOT Moruga … which has been described to me as “It feels like a Mule with burning hoofs is kicking me in the back of my throat!”


Fall Is Here

Winter Squash is now arriving from our fields. With a great dry, warm day, cool night growing season these are the sweetest Winter Squash I have ever tasted, I’m sure our compost tea, trace mineral fertilizers and endless composting of the fields didn’t hurt either !!! Come on by and try some.




Baby Blue Hubbard.


Its Time To Enjoy The Abundance Of The Season.


   The weather is beautiful and so is the food coming out of our fields. Heirloom tomatoes are in full swing and now is the time to enjoy the delicacies. No other tomato tastes as good as one grown and picked in August. Come stop by and enjoy some of our other tasty treats as well: Shishito Peppers, Fairytale Eggplant, Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Tiger Tomatoes, Papalo, Pipicha and the list goes on…. oh and don’t forget the mushrooms for the grill !!!